Fall 2016 AGCMO Leadership Academy Class

About the Instructor: A charismatic coach and master mentor, Ken Bradford, author of Fearless & Persuasive Speaking has taught 210 AGC chapter classes nationwide. In 26 years off training he has helped over 9,000 AGC members realize more of their leadership potential. Dennis McCuistion of the award-winning PBS television show The McCuistion Hour calls him “A coach that can quickly move you up to the next level no matter where you are today.” We guarantee this to be one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of your career.

Quotes from Fall 2016 participants regarding what they valued most from their experience and the impact it has had on them:

"I knew after the first class that this class was going to be one of the unique classes that you could use the tools for further advancement."

"Now, I find myself more willing to just sit and listen to them (staff), and I'm finding that we're doing a lot better working together - trouble-shooting. I'm trying to give them more responsibility."

"Honestly, the listening piece is something that I've taken, I've spoken about it in here, and I've taken it way past work..."

"I definitely think that I've become a lot more comfortable speaking to a group."

"Having the courage to speak up now and say maybe we can do this better and make our time more useful..."

"The (weekly) meeting was simpler, it was easier... we had clear direction on what we were doing. We had a plan on who was going to do it and when it was going to be done."

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