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Helping to develop the workforce by supporting, promoting, and furthering education, training, and research related to the fields of construction, engineering and architecture.

Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council is committed to providing a forum in which our members can network, exchange ideas and promote both personal and professional development within our industry.

Young Executives Club

The Young Executives Club is designed to be a hands-on participative experience and provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of the construction industry, meet and confer with others facing the same or similar opportunities and problems, and become more familiar with criteria required to lead a company or an industry.


The AGC of Missouri Education Foundation sponsors a scholarship program that helps to provide individuals with financial assistance so that they can pursue careers within a broad spectrum of career opportunities in the construction industry.  

2017-2018 AGCMO Young Executives Club Scholarship Program
Funded by AGCMO Education Foundation

Scholarship Awards: 
At the discretion of AGC of Missouri, two 2017-2018 scholarships are available based upon merit in the following amounts: 
   -- Young Executives Club College Scholarship (one):  $2,000
   -- Young Executives Vo-Tech School Scholarship (one):  $1,000

​1.  Applicants MUST be one of the following: 
        - the son or daughter of an owner or employee of an AGCMO member company; or
        - an employee of such a member firm.

2.  Applicants MUST attend a Missouri college, university or other eligible school or such an institution which is located in a state contiguous to Missouri, on a full-time basis.
3.  Graduating high school seniors and college undergraduate or graduate students may apply.
4.  Students attending accredited universities, colleges, community colleges and vocational or technical schools are eligible to apply.  Vocational and technical school students MUST  be pursuing a program requiring one academic year or more for certification.  Only "Vo-Tech"  students will be considered for the Young Executives Club Vo-Tech School Scholarship.
5.  Applicants MUST desire a career in the construction industry upon graduation.  Eligibility is not limited to students pursuing technical degrees.  AGC of Missouri retains the right to determine if a major or program in which the student is enrolled meets this eligibility requirement.
6.  Applicant MUST be a U.S. citizen or documented permanent resident of the United States (i.e. must possess a "permanent resident" card).

1.  Applicants must complete an application furnished by AGC of Missouri, including financial need information, provide official high school or college transcripts, provide two letters of recommendation, complete an essay on their desire to work in the construction industry and be willing to submit to a personal interview.
2.  Applications, transcripts, reference forms and other required material must be received in the AGC of Missouri office or postmarked by April 1, 2017.
3.  Application forms may be obtained by clicking the following link or contacting the AGC of Missouri office at 573.636.3188.

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