Order Your BuildMO Banners and Stickers Today!

Once again, AGCMO is making collateral materials available to our members to help promote this week. 

We’re also hoping that your firm will JUMP IN and commemorate BuildMO Week within your organization in some way. Here are a few ideas that our members can do to celebrate and highlight BuildMO Week:

  • Create your own event! 

    Reward employees for their efforts and for helping to make the construction industry such a statewide powerhouse.  Bring in lunch … have a party … reward key staff … have some freebies to give your employees!

    Be sure to let AGCMO know about your individual BuildMO Week events.  We’ll put them on social media and help you get the word out.  Also, send us pictures after the event – we’d love to share them to continue to highlight the industry’s impact on Missouri.

  • Arrange for Key Staff to talk to local high school students about Construction Industry jobs

    Let’s use BuildMO Week to generate excitement in the next generation for Construction Industry jobs!

    Again, let us know when and where someone is going to be speaking so we can highlight that event.  And always – always – send pictures afterward for social media posting!

  • Host an Open House or a Recruitment Day

    Host an open house at your equipment yard on a Saturday – make it a party for the community!  Let them know how your firm helps build their community.  This will also give you the opportunity to talk about what a great opportunity exists for employment in the Construction Industry.

    Make that open house a recruitment day – and utilize your local community colleges and high schools to get the info out to potential recruits!

    Repeating … let AGCMO know what you’re doing and we’ll put it on our social media feed.  Do you see a pattern here?  We want to create as much BUZZ before, during and after BuildMO Week as possible!

  • Invite Elected Officials to tour your facility
    Contact the city, county or state officials for[DM1]  your area to tour your facility.  Help them understand what you do and why it’s important.  Have them meet your employees (many of whom vote in their elections).  Provide them examples of the economic impact of your firm to your region.  How many jobs do you create?  How many ancillary jobs in other industries?  How many local suppliers do you purchase equipment/supplies from?  MAKE THEM AWARE of your story and your company’s history.

Together we can make 2017 BuildMO Week a HUGE success!


Building Division Banner
Heavy/Highway/Infrastructure Division Banner

To order banners and/or stickers, please contact Amanda Rodgers at 314-480-3178

Free hard hat stickers also are available for order. Please just request quantity needed.