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* Keynote Speaker: Making CENT$ Out of BIM. Laird K. Landis is a senior technologist with General Motors managing Virtual Design and Construction for Global Facilities Group. He has been in the Architectural Engineering industry since 1985 with his last 18 years concentrating on 3D/BIM facilities innovation for GM. His ingenuity for building a business model that GM and his A/E’s could follow and deliver is setting the mark for the construction industry. As an owner representative he is able to drive new technology to all parts of construction. His message of 3D facility design lends itself to the lean principles of construction. Laird has been instrumental on implementing 3D lean technologies, building information modeling and BIM to FM on all projects for General Motors since the inception of their virtual factory initiative in 2001. They have won awards for many of these projects through industry leading organizations such as the Bentley BE Awards, AIA (American Institute of Architects), DBIA (Design Building Institute of America, ENR (Engineering News Record), FIATECH. He is a member of CII’s research team RT324 (Future Construction Needs of Virtual Design Models) and has spoken at Autodesk’s Autodesk University multiple times on construction industries technology (3D, BIM, virtual design and construction). 

* Closing Speaker: Partnering with Owners on BIM: The Ohio State University’s Buckeye BIM Initiative. Joe Porostosky is the Director of Facilities Information and Technology Services (FITS) at The Ohio State University (OSU), where he maintains 38 million square feet of space drawings and data, and he provides leadership to facilities-related data and document systems, including OSU’s Enterprise GIS. With a background in technology management, Joe has managed the FITS Team for the past 8 years, providing an active and strategic leadership role within the university and redefining the way his group works by using technology in new and inventive ways. As the team leader for the Buckeye Building Information Modeling (BIM) Initiative, Joe has led OSU in the adoption of BIM for existing buildings and for design and construction to improve the university’s overall decision-making processes and management of buildings. Joe holds a BS in computer science and an MA in public policy and management from OSU.

* Achievable Virtual Reality Lab:
Bill Carney, BIM Manager, BSA Life Structures. In this hands on learning lab attendees will learn how to create a virtual reality stereo panoramic scene from their Revit projects using
Autodesk's cloud rendering. This lab will walk through the steps required to send a view to the cloud, methods of distributing your panorama scene, and also view it through a Google Cardboard.

* Bluebeam Revu - PDF Tools for the AEC Industry: Chris Link, Farnsworth Group Inc. New to Bluebeam Revu or just looking to use more of the available tools within the software?  This class with go over the basics of navigating the Revu Interface including lots of tips/tricks on getting the most out of the Interface. We will also Explore and Customize the Markup Tools available in Revu, and use Revu to quickly organize a document Set using Page Labels, Bookmarks and Hyperlinks. We will also explore creating document Sets in Revu and use Bluebeam Studio for online document collaboration.

* Campus Renewal Project Update: Technology in the Field: Lennel Hunter - ACW Alliance, Kerry Lorts - ACW Alliance, Peter Deluca - DeLuca Plumbing, Rachel Saak - HOK. This presentation will focus on specific opportunities that arose on the WUMC Campus Renewal Project. We will look at some of the BIM tools used to provide solutions and discuss their usefulness. Finally, we will conclude with a panel discussion between a construction project manager, a subcontractor, and an architect in an attempt to discover how BIM technology helped them on a daily basis.  

Construction Industry Leaders Talk about Key Information Technology Management Issues: Mark Patterson - S.M. Wilson, Dennis Heinle - Guarantee Electric, Chris Reed - McCarthy. This session will give everyone an opportunity to learn about key information technology issues -- including information security, cloud-based systems, cloud apps (Office 365, Google Docs, etc.), file-sharing, and disaster recovery.  The panel will address the pain points and how they address these with solutions that support business needs. The panel will consist of construction industry leaders who will share best practices and the plus's and minus's of emerging technologies.

* Decentralizing Decision Making:  Trading Visibility for Autonomy: Yves Frinault is a French entrepreneur and the co-founder & CEO of Fieldwire, a construction management app. Yves is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique as well Stanford University where he holds an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The adoption of mobile devices en masse in the field is reshaping the way we work. Collaboration apps are providing increased visibility on the job site and decentralizing the decision making process. During this session Yves will show you the advantages of moving towards a decentralized structure using examples and use cases from several verticals including the military and software development. We'll learn how to take those lessons and apply them to the construction industry.

* How Eliminating Paper Improved Communication, Saves Time, and Reduces Rework: Sean Phillips, PlanGrid. Our learning session with focus on why paperless jobs are so beneficial to GCs, subs, architects, engineers, and owners. As mobile technology adoption increases every year the ability to realize the benefits of saving time, increasing communication, and reducing rework are more accessible than ever before. We will bring together a representative from a GC, an architect, and an owner to discuss how mobile technology helped them achieve a nearly paperless job and how they realized all the benefits technology promises.

* Implementing Technology & Data Solutions to Drive Lean Construction: Steve Wesley Coughran, Colitvar Group. The emergence of construction technology has sparked an overdue industry-wide revolution. According to the World Economic Forum, since 1964, due to technological advancement, non-farm business labor has experienced 172% greater relative productivity improvement than construction labor productivity. Developments such as BIM, prefabrication and modularization, cloud-based project management software, and CPM mark the start of the requisite construction transformation. Organizations that fail to adapt will struggle to remain viable. This session will introduce methods to capitalize on current technology trends to boost project quality, safety, and organizational cost structure.  Attendees will also learn about up-and-coming advancements and how proper implementation can contribute to strategic-powered growth.

* Navisworks Manage - Clash Detection 101: Chris Link, Farnsworth Group Inc. Have you never used Navisworks before?  Do you think Clash Detection with Navisworks would benefit your workflow, but were not sure how to get started?  Then this presentation is for you.  From exporting Revit files and creating a Federated Model and being able to navigate in that model, to setting up Search Sets for defining Clash Tests and analyzing Clash Test results.  This lab will take you through the entire setup process to get up and running with Clash Detection in Navisworks Manage.

* Reality Capture: Derek Twente - Manager - Geospatial Division - Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc., Micah Gray - BIM Engineer - Tarlton Corporation. Capturing existing conditions has always been a challenge.  Traditional field measuring is time consuming and seems to always ends up with additional trips to gather missing measurements.  Laser scanning and Photogrammetry are drastically changing how existing conditions are captured.  This session will explore these two reality capture methods and their uses.

* Technology Budgeting and the Changing Role of IT: Christian Burger, Burger Consulting Group. This session combines two of Burger Consulting’s more popular topics, IT budgeting and the changing role of IT, into a single complementary session.  We will review current trends in IT spending, ROI and project justification, and overall capital planning. We will also discuss the way in which IT departments have to change to meet the new demands of construction organizations. Staffing, leadership, innovation, and managing projects are all fair-game in this real-world look at IT departments as they are and as they should be. Concepts of alignment, change management, and leverage will all be covered in practical terms.

* Tracking Labor, Materials, and Equipment: How to Escape Excel Hell: Patrick Conaty is a Senior Consultant with Ontracks Consulting based in St. Louis. He has over 11 years of IT experience with 4 year focus on Maximo Asset Management implementations and enhancements. This session will outline the challenges MEG Energy faced tracking LEM data in a system of excel spreadsheets and reconciling that data with vendor invoices. How Ontracks Consulting implemented a solution with Maximo Asset Management software to track LEM data that provided better visibility, reporting, and reduced the overall time to reconcile vendor LEM invoices.

* What does "Design-Assist" mean to you and how does it impact your technology plan?: Brooks Williams - Alberici, Patrick Garner - William Tao & Associates, Mark Bengard – Murphy, Chrissy Rogers - Arcturis, Scott Green (Moderator) - Tarlton. Design Assist seems to be the latest up and coming project delivery method but what does it really mean?  As the lines blur between designer and builder how does this impact the project workflow, BIM Execution Plan, roles and responsibilities, and integration of technology across the project?  Listen to this panel of industry experts discuss how they approach the Design Assist delivery method.  Contribute to the conversation and gain information applicable to your business.

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