Back the PAC Month (September)

September is Back the PAC Month at the AGC, where we will emphasize the importance of a strong PAC, especially in this election year.

The AGC’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is a significant element of our overall advocacy program.  The PAC is a fund that provides financial support to candidates for office who will support issues important to the construction industry.  PAC money does not buy votes, but does indeed open doors for discussion of issues.

Legislative actions have a major impact on your construction business – whether you are the company owner, office support staff or a craft worker.  It’s important to elect leaders who are willing to listen to our concerns, understand them and act accordingly.  

After the first quarter’s PAC reports were filed with the state of Missouri, the AGC of Missouri PAC ranked 20th in capacity statewide – a first for us!  This is only possible through the dedication and contributions of our membership.  The need for a well-funded PAC cannot be overstated during this election year especially, when state law provides no limits on contributions, a single individual can significantly impact specific races with a single large contribution.

It’s also imperative that we continually work to keep the AGCMO message and the construction industry issues in front of elected officials.  In order to be successful in the Missouri legislature, the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen and the St. Louis County Council, everyone in the industry must share in the financial efforts to make a stronger collective impact. 

Member Companies

Contributions of all sizes are welcomed by the AGC of Missouri PAC – nothing is too small.  Our member firms contribute in a variety of ways throughout the year:

  • The annual dues statement includes a voluntary PAC contribution amount;

  • The PAC received 52% of the funds collected for participation in the 2016 Club;

  • Members can donate items or cash, or purchase items at the PAC Auction at the annual convention;

  • Members may participate in the Spring Golf Outing and the Sporting Clays Tournament (both held in May) with all proceeds going to fund the PAC;

  • Members may participate in Back the PAC month in September.

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Individual Participation

The AGCMO PAC can also accept contributions from individuals, and we encourage those as well.  We currently have just under 40 individuals who contribute to the PAC personally. We offer a payroll deduction program that is convenient and allows your employer (the AGC member) to withhold your PAC contribution from your payroll check and remit to the AGC on a quarterly basis.

Most individual contributors support the PAC with an
annual contribution (usually during Back the PAC month), much like they contribute annually to the United Way.

Either way, your contribution of $50, $100 or more is pooled with other funds from the industry to create a strong and vibrant PAC fund.

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How does the PAC work?

The AGC of Missouri PAC Executive Committee is a subcommittee of the Governmental Affairs Policy (GAP) Committee and is made up of PAC contributing members who are well-versed in Missouri’s political climate.  This committee works closely with our lobbying staff and our lobbying consultants to determine the recipients of our PAC funds.  Decisions of the PAC Executive Committee are then reviewed and ratified by the full GAP Committee.


Other Pertinent Facts

The AGC of Missouri PAC is not authorized to make congressional contributions (federal races); that is the function of the AGC of America’s PAC.  PAC contributions are not tax deductible and there is no maximum contribution limit under current Missouri law.

Please consider contributing to the AGC of Missouri PAC during Back the PAC month!