AGC of St. Louis 
Master Builders Association formed by revitalizing a building contractor’s organization started in 1903.

The Municipal Contractors Association was formed.

The St. Louis Chapter of the AGC was formed by application of the Master Builders Association to AGC of America.

AGC of Missouri

Under the direction of E. C. L. Wagner, AGC of Missouri is born, with a charter membership of 19 contractors 

“Affiliate” members are invited to join AGC of Missouri with annual dues of $25 per year

AGC of Missouri negotiated the first labor agreements with three unions. AGC was acting for those of its members who wished to sign a union labor agreement. The agreements covered only a limited number of counties.

AGC of St. Louis 
After sharing the same facilities and staff for a number of years, the above organizations, both affiliated with the AGC of America, merged to form the AGC of St. Louis.  There were 72 Contractor Members and provision was made for Affiliate Members.  Chapter jurisdiction included all work in St. Louis City and County and building construction only in Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles and Warren Counties. The assignment of bargaining rights for all job site labor was a condition of membership.

Provisions were added to the AGC labor agreements to create the Construction Training Advancement Foundation (CTAF) at the rate of 1¢ per hour for Carpenters and Laborers and 2¢ for Cement Masons, Iron Workers and Operating Engineers.  Teamsters were added a few years later.

AGC of Missouri
AGC Moved to 111 Madison Street Building

Missouri Construction Industry Advancement Fund (MCIAF) is established.

AGC of St. Louis 
Bylaws were amended to require assignment of bargaining rights by employers of AFL/CIO and Teamsters employees thereby making it possible for open shop contractors to become members.

The Associate Member category was established for employers doing more than one half of their annual volume as a subcontractor and with the majority of their field personnel from one or more of the six basic trades.  Any Associate Member was also given the option of becoming a Contractor Member.

AGC participated as one of the founding organizations in PRIDE, a group designed to promote cooperative labor/management relations.

With the concurrence of the Kansas City Building Chapter, the AGC of America granted building jurisdiction for 19 counties in Southeast Missouri to the AGC of St. Louis.

AGC of Missouri
Missouri Construction News ‘for-profit’ corporation formed for plan information for members.

AGC of St. Louis 
Bylaws were amended to require assignment of bargaining rights for AFL/CIO only in St. Louis City and County thereby making assignment of bargaining rights optional in the five counties around St. Louis County and the 19 counties in Southeast Missouri.

AGC of Missouri
First AGC MO PAC Auction held

AGC of St. Louis 
Bylaws were amended to permit architects and engineers to become Affiliate Members.

AGC of Missouri
Young Executives Club initiated to bring next generation of leadership into AGC of Missouri.

AGC of St. Louis 
Bylaws were amended to make the assignment of bargaining rights optional in St. Louis City and County.

Bylaws were amended to permit any subcontractor to become an Associate Member.
Only Associate Members with the majority of their field personnel from one or more of the six basic trades could become a Contractor Member.

Bylaws were amended to redefine categories of membership as Contractor, Specialty Contractor, and Supplier Service Provider.  Membership categories were based on percentages of work performed as a prime contractor.

Founded Young Constructors Forum, later changed to the Construction Leadership Council, to encourage participation by the next generation of construction leaders.

Incorporated AGC of St. Louis Education Foundation, 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.

AGC of St. Louis was recognized with AGC of America’s highest award for chapter performance, the AGC Chapter of the Year.

AGC of Missouri
AGC moves to 1221 Jefferson Street Building

AGC of St. Louis 
Opened Construction Careers Center charter high school and incorporated the Construction Careers Center Board of Education, Inc., 501(c) 3

AGC of Missouri
AGC Electronic Plan Room established

AGC of St. Louis 
Awarded the “Sold on St. Louis Award” for the Construction Careers Center.  Amended the Bylaws to re-define membership for construction managers and program managers.

Received the inaugural AGC of America Diversity Award.  Received the Workforce Development Award from the Construction Users Roundtable.  Restructured the Board of Directors to include 15 contractor members and one representative each from the newly created Specialty Contractors Council and Supplier / Service Providers Council.

AGC of St. Louis was recognized with AGC of America’s highest award for chapter performance, the 2006 AGC Chapter of the Year.  AGC of St. Louis became the first chapter to win this award twice.

AGC of St. Louis and Heavy Constructors Association of Kansas City completed the establishment of a jointly operated Missouri Chapter of ARTBA.

AGC of St. Louis signed an agreement to be affiliated with The Association of Union Constructors.

AGC of Missouri
AGC Hall of Fame established: Irvin Garms and Bill Herzog inducted

AGC of St. Louis 
Bylaws were amended to include new membership categories and service levels including construction managers, industry partners, contributing members (CTAF), and individual members.

Adopted a divisional structure to clearly define a Building Division and a Heavy/Highway/Infrastructure Division.

Completed merger arrangements with AGC of St. Louis and AGC of Missouri, merging the two chapters under the name AGC of Missouri.

Closed and sold Construction Careers Center. Completed strategic planning process for newly merged association.