Corps of Engineers Classes

AGC of Missouri has partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District Office to offer Construction Quality Management for Contractors classes at the Construction Training School.

The Corps of Engineers requires all contractors performing construction for them to comply with the "Contractor Quality Control" (CQC) requirements in their contracts.  It is a contract requirement that the contractor's quality control representative take this training.

This training is divided into these areas of instruction: (1) Introduction; (2) Contractor’s Review; (3) Quality Management Planning; (4) Preconstruction Conference and Coordination Meeting; (5) Submittals; (6) Quality Management during Construction; (7) Making the System Work; and (8) the Resident Management System.  

A Certificate of Completion valid for 5 years will be issued to all students who satisfactorily complete the course.

For more information, contact Amber Parker or (314) 678-1401