Building Information Modeling

The BIM Education program is comprised of four courses, administered at multiple levels and organized by degree of difficulty to provide in-depth training on BIM.

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The components of this program are: 

  • BIM: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling
  • BIM Technology
  • BIM Project Execution Planning
  • BIM Adoption, Implementation, and ROI

The BIM Education Program is designed as a progressive program with an increasing level of difficulty within the courses. Together, these are designed to give the student a broad understanding of the processes of BIM, a basic grasp of the technology involved, as well as instruction on adoption of BIM, and the return on investment from implementing BIM.

Certificate of Management - Building Information Modeling

The construction industry's first and only BIM Certificate Program that teaches the practical application of the Building Information Modeling process for commercial construction firms. 

Not just a tech certificate for BIM software and applications, AGC's Certificate of Management - Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) program combines the latest information on BIM processes and technologies, step-by-step procedures for integrating BIM into the project delivery process, real-life studies of successful BIM implementation, and the practical issues all parties need to understand when utilizing BIM on a construction project.

Based on AGC's four-part BIM Education Program, AGC's CM-BIM requires the following courses:

The highly interactive program provides instruction and training to get construction industry professionals at all levels ready to take advantage of the benefits of BIM.

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