Module 1: Estimating and Job Costing

Develop professional estimating skills, including: an understanding of the 
different types of estimates; the importance of documentation and formatting; and the link between design, estimating and project costs. Gain awareness of how accurate cost-information is critical to the success of the company and how equipment costs are developed and integrated into the estimate.
  • Introduction to Estimating Basics
  • Project Planning and Setup
  • Estimating Costs for Specific Tasks
  • Estimating Costs Not Associated with a Specific Task
  • Estimating Costs of Work by Others
  • Putting Estimates into Action
  • Estimating Redesign and Revisions
  • Project Contributions to Corporate Profits

Module 2: Contract Administration


Understand how basic contracts are structured, how different types of contracts are used, and how project documentation relates to effective contracting. Learn how different project delivery methods use different contracting strategies, and gain insight into contract law and language in relation to project risk.
  • Introduction to Construction Law and Project Contracting
  • Contract Basics
  • Negotiating Fair Contracts
  • Contract Documents
  • Payment Terms
  • Legal Issues
  • Contracting with Others for Required Work

Module 3: Project Administration

Gain an awareness of how pre-project planning affects the potential success of

a project and understand the different areas of planning for the construction
phase of a project. Broaden your understanding of the impact building codes,
permits, reviews and inspections can have on a project. Learn how Building
Information Modeling (BIM), LEED®, environmental issues and lean construction
are impacting the construction industry.
  • Introduction to Project Safety
  • Project Planning, Staffing and Partnering
  • Planning for Environmental and Sustainability Concerns
  • Project Scheduling
  • Codes and Permits
  • Material Handling
  • Documentation and Visualization 
  • Project Closeout

Module 4: Risk Management

Understand the types and sources of risk and how risk changes over the different

phases of a project. Learn techniques for managing risk and how the scope and
nature of risk management varies based on project contracting methods. Gain
insight into the basics of insurance and bonding and how quality control/quality
assurance plans help mitigate performance risk.
  • Introduction to Risk
  • Insurance, Sureties and Bonding
  • Warranties and Liability Periods
  • Documentation and Managing of Risks
  • Risk Management Issues
  • Conduct of Employees
  • Project Risks
  • Risk Allocation

Module 5: Leadership

Learn the difference between leading and managing, and understand the
importance of communication in effective leadership. Develop techniques for
motivating and negotiating solutions, as well as effectively managing change.
Broaden your awareness of ethical standards and professional responsibilities.
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Professional Issues
  • Working in Teams
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Your Career
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Leadership Skills
  • Personal Development

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