Keystone Award Submission Information

Both general and specialty contractors are encouraged to review their project portfolios for projects requiring exemplary effort, where unusual circumstances were overcome or other project specific requirements made successful completion noteworthy. The Construction Keystone Awards honor firms that exhibit excellence in providing solutions to unique obstacles and challenges specific to their project.


A Keystone Award is not given on beauty. The award is based on achieving solutions during construction for the challenges faced by contractors. The judges will select award winners based on questions in the initial submission form and supplementary information provided by finalists for the second round of judging.

Submissions are judged in a two-step process. From the initial submissions due in June, judges will select three finalists in each category. The full list of categories are listed on the application.
The three finalists selected by the judges in each category as will be required to submit supplementary information. The deadline for supplementary information for the second round of judging is July.

The 2019 Keystone Award competition is open to any construction project which was or will be substantially completed between June 9, 2018 and June 12, 2019.  Only members of the AGC of Missouri who are in good standing are eligible to make submissions.  Prime contractors, construction managers at-risk, specialty contractors, and joint ventures are all eligible to submit projects.   Submissions from joint ventures will only be accepted from a submitting JV partner that is a member of the AGC of Missouri and all other JV partners must be members of either AGC of Missouri or another AGC chapter.
Choice of Prime Contractor or Specialty Contractor submission category is based upon the submitting firm’s role on the particular project, not their AGC of Missouri membership category.
AGC members may submit projects outside of the AGC of Missouri jurisdiction. Projects located in Missouri or any of the eight contiguous states will be considered in the Mid-America Class of projects. Projects located in any of the other “lower 48” states may be submitted in the National Class.
If your firm has previously submitted a specific project, you can not resubmit that project. If a project that your firm was involved in was submitted by another contractor last year, but not by you, then you are still eligible to submit that project as long as completion date criteria is met.
General Contractors should encourage the specialty contractors on their projects to submit entries even if the general contractor submitted the same project in the past or plans to submit the project this year.

Keystone Award winners and two finalists in each category will receive awards at the Construction Awards Gala dinner on November 4, 2019 at the River City Casino. Awards for winners and finalists will be presented to project owners and contractors alike. One complimentary reservation to the Construction Awards Gala dinner will be issued for each project submission.
Keystone Award winners and finalists will be featured in a specially designed publication recapping the awards event. Advance copies of this publication will be distributed to those in attendance at the Construction Awards Gala on Novembers 4, 2019. It will also be distributed to all members of the AGC of Missouri  including decision makers in the Missouri business community, governmental officials, and a comprehensive list of national companies and site development professionals who are considering Missouri for business opportunities.


1. Click on the image below.
2. Select "Signup and Submit Your Application".
3. Create an account and select "Submit".
You'll then be lead right into the application.

Important Information:
  •  You may submit any project which was or will be substantially complete between June 9, 2018 and June 12, 2019.
  •  Projects are not limited to the territorial jurisdiction of the AGC of Missouri.
  •  Only members of the AGC of Missouri who are in good standing are eligible to submit projects for consideration.
  •  Answer all questions contained in this form.
  •  Upload one-page testimonial letter from project stakeholder.
  •  Upload a maximum of 5 supplemental pages (photos and descriptions)

Checklist: Since the software only allows you to advance through the form as a question/section is completed, we have developed a checklist  of info you’ll need on a project in order to complete the submission.

Submission Fee:
  Entry fee is $285 for each completed project submission.

Submission Deadline: Both entry fee(s) and completed submission(s) must be received not later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 13, 2019.


Denise Hasty