Compliance Posters

AGC of Missouri and Poster Compliance Center have partnered to provide you with mandatory labor law posters at an exclusive discount for AGC/MO members. Please click here to place your order and to receive your special pricing.

If you have questions regarding the labor law poster program, please contact Darlene Massman or call the AGC office at 573-636-3188.

Recent Changes to State & Federal Law Posters 

MO Unemployment Benefits (Mar 2018) 
- Detailed information on applying for benefits has been added.
- To ensure benefits, workers should contact the Department of Labor if they believe they were improperly classified as independent contractors.
- New Revision Date of 3/18

Other changes in the past 12 months:
- Minimum Wage - January 2018
- Workers' Compensation - May 2017

Missouri Labor Law Requirements

Missouri Mandatory Labor Law Posters:
- Minimum Wage - $7.70 Effective 1/1/2017
- MO Unemployment Benefits
- MO Workers' Compensation
- MO Employment Discrimination
- MO Discrimination in Public Accommodations
- MO Youth Employment List

Mandatory Federal Law Poster Requirements
- USERRA - Mandatory notice must be posted or distributed
- Occupational Safety and Health Act - OSHA
- Federal Minimum Wage - $7.25
- Employee Polygraph Protection
- Equal Employment Opportunity - EEO
- Family & Medical Leave Act - FMLA