June, 2016



To All AGCMO Members:

With the start of the New Year, the AGC of Missouri embarked on a new strategic plan based on the results of last fall’s member survey.  One of the initiatives in the plan is to enhance and strengthen the AGC’s communications including website, social media, public relations and email communications.

Website:  Our new and dynamic website was rolled out earlier this year featuring, among other new capabilities, a searchable member directory. 

Social Media:  The AGC is now much more active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We encourage you to like, share, post and retweet the AGC’s posts.  Don’t forget to tag us too (@AGCofMO)!  We have also established a new bi-weekly column “The AGC and You” that will provide members with additional information on our activities and services.

Public Relations:  Our PR efforts are now focused statewide on making AGCMO the resource on construction industry issues.  We’ll utilize social media to publicize these news stories as they occur.

Email Communications:  WE HAVE HEARD YOU!  We know that you are inundated with emails from AGCMO Communications – and we’re going to fix that!  Beginning July 11th, you will receive one weekly redesigned newsletter.  Gone will be the redundancy of separate emails for advocacy, building division and heavy/highway division.  You’ll continue to receive the same great information but delivered more succinctly and timely each Monday afternoon.  Be looking for the new BuildMO newsletter beginning July 11th!

Please also remember to submit news of your company at our new e-mail news depository – news@agcmo.org.  We are posting as much member news as possible and also incorporating your news into our frequent social media posts.

The board of directors is driving these changes to AGCMO’s communications efforts and believes members will find better membership value as a result.  This is an ongoing process, so there may continue to be changes throughout the remainder of the year and into 2017.  Thank you for your support of AGC of Missouri.



Phil Hocher
Chairman of the Board