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Glossary Terms For Construction Guidelines  (Revised 2020)

Selection of Design Professionals and Contractors
Construction Management Services (Revised 2013)
Engagement of Professional Design Services (Revised 2014)
Pre-Construction Conference  (Revised 2014)
Pre-Construction Services by a Pre-Selected General Contractor/Construction Manager (Revised 2014)
Pre-Qualification of Prime Contractors (Revised 2009) 
Pre-Qualification of Subcontractors (Revised 2009)
Project Delivery Methods  (Issued 2020)
Selection of Design Professionals (Revised 2009)
Services by Design-Builders (Revised 2010)

Planning and Design 
Allowances (Revised 2009)
Alternates (Revised 2009)
Bid and Construction (Contract) Documents (Issued 2019)
Biological Hazards (Revised 2018)
BIM: Building Information Modeling  (Issued 2016)
Bonding (Revised 2015)
Building Commissioning (Revised 2015) 
By Others (Revised 2014)
Compliance with Contract Diversity Terms (Revised 2015)
Construction Documents for Multiple Prime Contracts (Revised 2015) 
Construction Documents Preparation (Revised 2015)
Delegated Design by Contractor (Revised 2014)
Environmental Impact for the Construction Phase of Projects  (Revised 2016)
Geotechnical Engineering for Design & Construction  (Revised 2015)
Hazardous Materials(Revised 2015) 
Insurance (Revised 2015)
Integrated Project Delivery (Revised 2015)
Labor Jurisdictional Information (Revised 2015)
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (Revised 2015)
Liquidated Damages (Revised 2015)
Moisture Risk Mitigation of the Building Envelope (Revised 2015)
Owner Furnished Equipment (Revised 2010)
Project Permits (Revised 2015)
Project Specific Codes and Owner Standards (Revised 2015)
Subsurface Soil Reports (Revised 2015)
Sustainable Concepts for Construction Projects (Revised 2013)
Utility and Special Permits (Revised 2016)
Value Engineering (Revised 2016)

Cost Breakdowns at Bid (Revised 2016)
Establishing Bid Due Date (Revised 2016)
Listing Key Subcontractors/Suppliers as Apparent Low Bidders (Revised 2016)
Material Removal and Disposal(Revised 2016)
Negotiations When Bids Exceed Budget (Revised 2016)
Pre-Bid Conferences  (Revised 2016)
Release of Bid Results (Revised 2016)
Unit Prices for Variable Quantities (Revised 2016)
Use of Owner Supplied Bid Forms (Revised 2016)

Contract Administration 
Changes in the Work (Revised 2016)
Classified Excavation  (Revised 2018)
Inspection of the Construction Project  (Revised 2019)
Partial Lien Waivers (Revised 2016)
Payment for Extra Work – Cost Plus Fee (Revised 2016)
Preconstruction Conference (Revised 2016)
Progress Meetings (Issued 2018)

Progress Payments  (Revised 2018)
Project Closeout  (Revised 2019)
Project Record Documents  (Revised 2018)
Project Visits & Observations   (Revised 2020)
Punch List  (Revised 2019)
Retainage of Payment  (Revised 2021)
Safety Considerations  (Revised 2021)
Security & Background Checks (Issued 2013)
Submittals (Revised 2013)
Temporary Facilities and Controls (Revised 2013)
Testing Services During Construction (Revised 2020)
Underground Utilities (Revised 2014)
Warranties (Revised 2013)