For additional questions and information, please contact us via e-mail or phone:
Matt Cowell, AGCMO Vice President of Safety
D: 314.781.2356  C: 573.606.9768

Brandon Anderson, AGCMO Safety Consultant
D: 314.781.2356  C: 636.887.5207

  1. We have had a positive case on the jobsite or a family member tested positive – what should we do?
    • Should I send employee home? 
      1. Yes, please ask them to go home and self-quarantine for 14 days or get a doctor’s note confirming that they do not have COVID-19. If they can’t get into a doctor, they must be fever free and free of symptoms for at least 24 hours.


  2. I’ve had a confirmed case on my jobsite, what do I need to do?
    • You must notify all contractors and subcontractors that you have had a confirmed case on this jobsite. It is recommended you do this in writing. Please note, that because of HIPAA laws, you cannot release the name of the employee to other contractors, owners or employees. 
      1. The AGCMO has a sample letter for reference
      2. It’s recommended that you use your own company letterhead rather than just an email.


  3. What if an employee dies because of this virus and we believe it’s a case they acquired from a job-site?
    • This most likely will be an OSHA Reportable fatality.  OSHA will coordinate a rapid response team and involve the CDC to help with determination of death. Please note, that because of HIPAA laws, you cannot release the name of the employee to other contractors, owners or employees. 


  4. Do I have to shut-down the jobsite?
    • This is a management decision. We can’t tell you as a company what to do. AGCMO’s concern is that if someone from the jobsite does get sick and dies, this could be considered an OSHA Workplace fatality. Most likely will need CDC involvement; but is a serious concern.
    • It is in the best interest of your organization to show that you utilized a good faith effort to minimize the spread of this virus. We recommend that you do a complete jobsite cleaning of all areas, using the CDC guidelines and only EPA-approved products - before you allow work to continue. We highly recommend that you document this process.


  5. Do I have to tell my employees that someone was exposed or tested positive?
    • Again, it is recommended that you update your employees regarding the current situation and share with them your course of action. 
    • We also recommend that if said employee tests positives in the near future you notify your employees immediately. 


  6. I’m going to go ahead and shut-down the job and wait a couple days before I re-open the jobsite, what do I need to do?
    • Make sure you keep your owner informed.
    • AGCMO has a shutdown check list that we recommend you use to ensure that the jobsite remains protected and you don’t have future concerns.


  7. The owner is telling me that I need a site-specific safety plan before I can resume work.  What’s that?
  8. What are other companies doing? 
    • AGCMO is aware of a variety of things being done:
      1. Some contractors are placing someone in charge of social distancing, such as a Social Distancing Officer (SD).
      2. Some contractors are briefing employees twice a day and reviewing cleaning and social distancing guidelines.
      3. Some contractors are cleaning tools and work spaces every 2-3 hours.

Have concerns about jobsite safety regarding Coronavirus?
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8.5" x 11"                    11" x 17"



8.5" x 11"                    
11" x 17"