To stay safe on the jobsite, you look over the daily plan, identify potential problems, and address them before they arise. If you are struggling with your mental health, it is important to address any signs or symptoms before the problem gets to be critical. There are many organizations & resources out there that can help:

    • Your employer's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or your union's Member Assistance Program (MAP) may provide mental health services or can connect you to a counselor
    • Your doctor can provide recommendations, referrals, and treatment options
    • The United Way at 211 can provide assistance locating long-term mental health resources, talk through a problem, or explore mental health treatment options
    • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health America has tools to help you find the right mental health professional.
    • OSHA’s “Construction Industry, Preventing Suicides” webpage provides resources for employers and employees.
    • The LEAN STL Program is committed to assisting Laborers and their families with needs and resources to combat drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, and suicide issues.
Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
How to Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness Exercises
Building New Habits
Breath2Relax App   

Happify App      
Practice Mindfulness
Positive Self-Talk 
Tips for Improving Mental Health

Mental Health vs Mental Illness
B4Stage 4: Changing the Way We Think About Mental Health
Man Therapy
What's Up App      
Tips for Improving Your Mental Health  
Connection Between Mental & Physical Health 
How to Help a Loved One with Mental Health 

Stress Exploration
Fight or Flight Response
Symptoms of Stress
Guided Meditation in Times of Stress 
Stress Management
CDC Stress

Depression vs Anxiety
Supporting Someone with Depression
The Cycle of Depression
What is Depression?
What is Depression? 

Major Depressive Disorder: Mood Symptoms 
What is Anxiety? 
Panic Attacks - Know the Signs 
Coping Skills - Anxiety
Coping with Anxiety Worksheet
The Cycle of Anxiety
What is Anxiety

Alcohol & Substance Use
Quit That! - Habit Tracker 
SAMHSA's National Helpline
NIDA Drug Addiction Resources
Building New Habits
10 Tips for Avoiding Relapse
LEAN STL Program
Treatment for Substance Use Disorders 
Substance Use Disorder 
Drinking or Using More than Intended 

What are Opioids 
Signs of Opioid Use Disorder 

Caring for Your Pain - You Have Options 
Treatment Options for Opioid use Disorder 
Responsible Use of Opioids 
Prescription Opioids Drug Facts
What Are Opioids and Why Are They Dangerous?
Time2Act Missouri

Awareness of My Own Mental Health
Mental Health Screening
Building Self-Awareness Activities
Man Therapy 20-Point Head Inspection

Is it Time for a Mental Health Checkup?
How to Look After Your Mental Health

How to Get Help

Treatment, Services & Support
How to Ask for Help 
Inpatient Behavioral Health Professionals: Who They Are and How They Help 
Outpatient Behavioral Health Professionals: Who They Are and How They Help 
How to Talk About Mental Health 
Helping a Workmate

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
My 3 - Suicide Crisis App
I'm Alive - Online Support
7 Cups - Online Emotional Support
Suicide Warning Signs
How to Start (and continue!) a Conversation about Mental Health
How to Start the Conversation about Suicide

Burnout Prevention & Treatment
How to Treat & Prevent Mental Exhaustion
What is Fatigue?
Better Health - Fatigue
Well-Being Resources for Burnout

Bullying in Construction - What Workers Say
Your Mental Health
Bullying & Harassment in Construction
Builders, Not Bullies 

It's Personal: A Video Discussion Guide on Bullying & Harassment in Construction 

Visit: suicidepreventionlifeline.org
Call: 800-273-8255
Text: 741741

Suicide Prevention Awareness for construction
with John Gaal and Don Willey.