About the Guide

The AGC of Missouri has put together this sponsorship overview to help you make a better informed decision about the allocations of your sponsorship support. All sponsorship opportunities including events, tournaments, meetings, seminars, and publications are listed in one place to help you maximize the value of your sponsorship investment and reach your intended audiences.

How to Use the Guide

Each event, tournament, meeting, seminar and publication is organized in a way that describes the target audiences, sponsorship expenses and sponsor benefits. Potential sponsors can focus on a specific audience, price range or media, and allocate their resources meaningfully to deliver their message effectively and efficiently.

Have Questions?

The AGC of Missouri staff is here to help you take advantage of any and all of these sponsorship opportunities.
Please contact Nancy Valentine at 1-844-60-MOAGC ext. 1003, nvalentine@agcmo.org or any of our AGC staff team.

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