How to Join - Individual Members

For specific questions about categories or dues as you prepare to complete your application, contact Steve Loos, Vice President of Membership at 1-844-60-MOAGC, ext. 1003.

Individual Members 
An Individual Member is an individual with a dedicated interest in the construction industry including a governmental official, public agency official, educator or student.  Any individual that has common ownership with, controls or is employed by a firm that is qualified to be a Contractor Member or Specialty Contractor Member of the Association is not eligible to be an Individual Member in the Association. Labor organizations or representatives thereof are not eligible for Individual Membership.

Individual Members are authorized to receive communications and attend meetings/events as designated by the Board of Directors.  Individual Members may not serve on committees, the board of directors or participate in the affairs of the AGC of America.  Individual Membership is not transferable and shall have no right to vote.

Individual Member Dues: Dues for 2024 are currently $392 upon joining, but prorated quarterly in the first calendar year.