How to Join - Joint Venture

For specific questions about categories or dues as you prepare to complete your application, contact Steve Loos, Vice President of Membership at 1-844-60-MOAGC, ext. 1003.

Joint Ventures
A Joint Venture is a business entity or joint undertaking created by two or more parties to perform a particular job.  When such a Joint Venture is established to perform a particular construction project and all parties of the Joint Venture are Contractor Members of the Association, such a Joint Venture may be listed as a Contractor Member of the Association and receive services without payment of additional dues, provided that each party includes its share of the Joint Venture in their own annual Work Volume Report/Worksheet for dues purposes.  Such a Joint Venture shall have no vote as a Contractor Member.

In the event one or more parties to a Joint Venture is not a current Contractor Member of this Association, such Joint Venture shall secure a separate Membership under the appropriate dues structure/category for its work. Such members will also benefit from an affiliated membership with the Associated General Contractors of America.