Class Descriptions

Focus Four Course – Heavy Highway   8 hours
This course will consist of the four major causes of serious injury and death in the Construction Industry as they relate to heavy/ highway workers.  These course subjects are similar to AGC’s Susan Harwood Federal Grant presentation: “Focus Four Hazards” 

Struck-By Hazards: Discusses the major causes of struck by incidents such as; public and contractor vehicle impacts, Impacts by falling, moving, rolling materials, and struck by equipment hazards
Electrical Hazards: Discusses the major hazards of powerline contact by overhead and underground equipment, tools, and ladders.  Also discussed is the danger of Arc Flash, and electrical power tools and cords safety.
Caught in Between Hazards:  Discusses excavation collapse, equipment rollover, and swinging loads.  Caught between moving machinery parts will also be discussed.
Fall Hazards:  Discusses the most common hazards of the edges of elevated work surfaces, such as bridge caps, decking, overpasses & retaining walls.

Heavy Highway  – Workzone Safety   8 hours

This course will consist of the four major activities/ hazards that relate to heavy/ highway workers.  

Work Zone Traffic Control:  Discusses the setting up, maintaining, and demobilizing work zone traffic control plans, including flagger training.
Night Operations:  Discusses the unique hazards of nighttime work, including new trends in PPE requirements and best practices.
Safe Operations/ Internal Traffic Control Plan:  Discusses methods of creating an internal traffic control plan for the work area to allow for maximum efficiency with minimum exposure to struck/ caught between hazards.
Working with and Around Heavy Equipment:  Discusses the most common hazards of working around heavy equipment (struck by/ caught between), getting on and off heavy equipment, and operator hazards.

OSHA 10 hour Construction Safety & Health Course for Heavy/ Highway Workers

This course will consist of the required OSHA 10 Hour topics with emphasis on the heavy/ highway worker.

Session One:
Introduction to OSHA
Fall Protection
Electrical Safety

Session Two:
Struck By Hazards
Caught Between Hazards
Personal Prot. Equipment
Health Hazards